We Are All Flappy Birds

by perpetualflaneur


Ever heard of the game Flappy Bird? If you haven’t, then you my friend have been hiding under a rock lately. Kidding aside, in my hours spent playing in the last 3 days, oddly enough, this game has taught me an important lesson about life.

Of course, no one is expected to be reflective when playing, but it so happens that the mechanics of the game is what we’d encounter in real life. You tap the bird to make its wings “flap,” so you avoid hitting the tube-like tunnels, getting across as many as you can and achieving the highly coveted top score, defined either by comparing yours w/ your friend’s or your previous scores.

In parallel and generally speaking, the same mechanics  apply in real life: we flap our way to survive challenges and move towards whatever aspirations we have. The key is to keep on flapping, so we move forward with our dreams, to reach our short and long-term goals. And when we do hit a blockage, personified by that luminous green tube-like tunnel, we start at the beginning and work our way to our goals (once again for the nth time).

And another takeaway? Well, for one, this game has taught me about patience and perseverance: no matter how many times I keep on hitting the tube, be it the first, the second, or so, I will always keep on trying. And each time I try, I know there’s a higher chance of me succeeding and getting a better score (insert Eye of the Tiger as my soundtrack please!).

But seriously, give it a thought if you must. The next time you play Flappy Birds imagine yourself as the tiny bird, endlessly flapping to overcome each tube. Perhaps it’ll give you a different perspective. Flap on, little Bird, flap on!