Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I know I’ve been MIA in the last months, and I apologize for that. It’s just that life has gotten the best of me recently. I know it is a lame excuse to not be writing at all. But here I am now, trying to make it up to you. 

I have been reflecting on my life’s events recently, as I always do, and in the tradition of establishing a theme each year, I’ve dubbed mine as a year of getting lost.

We all make mistakes, and in the process, lose sight of where we are, not knowing where we want to be. But you know what? It’s okay. It is okay to lose your way, to not know where to go, to just be as clueless, and to not have the answer to each burning question you have. 

If the year that is to come in a few hours brings you uncertainty, it is okay. Nobody has a clue of what’s to happen anyways. And if you find yourself wondering where you’ll be, there’s no need to worry. Know that each step or turn you make,no matter how confusing it gets, always leads you somewhere. Fear not when the turns you take lead you to a place you’re not familiar with.  

You see, what’s good about getting lost is that, despite the tumultuous and scary journey, you always find yourself. 

Cheers to you and the year that’s anew!

Sending my love from afar,

Yours Truly


3 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. The experiences you describe sound very familiar… :)

    It’s always good to know that we are, although each on an individual journey, yet not alone on the path.

    Happy New Year – and happy adventure!

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