Glued on Glass

by perpetualflaneur

Glued to the glass
With both eyes
Intently staring
At the feeds
A second, a minute, five minutes
Or so have passed
Waiting for status changes
Photos of yesterday’s feasts
Thumbs up here
And there
Oh surely everywhere
Logged In and logged out, all day
When was the last time
You were off
Looking at the skies,
On the ground,
Seized in mid-air,
Off for a walk,
And some realtime talk?
Not having to
Check out and check in,
without the compulsion
To be seen, in feeds and photos
Always floating on the stream
Online, offline,
In megabits of data
We measure
Our life’s worth
And all its pleasure
Beyond those photos and statuses
Videos and some pseudo-messages
Behind the thin glass
Separating you from me
Can we really see our world better?
Or are we merely lulling our minds
And hearts to slumber,
Away from what life
Readily has to offer?
Sometimes, I ask
Are we really who we are
On those pages
Or do those pages
Dictate who we are?