In Blood and Dust

by perpetualflaneur

they went for a quick run
to honor our kids,
but ended up with
leg wounds and blown ears,
what’s worst
some have gone
in the thick grey smoke
never again will they
walk these asphalts of hope

inside we scream
until our hearts fade
blood and dust
on these streets
many lives were unmade
buildings turned into rubble
the scent of burning rubber
fills the distraught air
i wonder why and who did it,
no one else could tell.

not too long ago
lives were disrupted and lost
our nation has mourned before,
and we all rose again
until this day
justice seemed
to have had its end
we should have
learned from many days, months, years,
and centuries before

why can’t they all agree?
in their hands,
they have blood
don’t they see?
i know some will say
that this happens everywhere,
every time,
but really who deserves
a tragic end to life in a snap?