Love’s Woes and Won’ts

by perpetualflaneur

it is as i see a face

i’ve come to vaguely know

the joyous glow

the glimmering of eyes,

will there ever be

an instance,

a moment,

to see it up close?

to whom do i owe this pleasure?

to whom do i owe this demise?

a blooming presence

that can no longer be denied.

must there really be this or that?

must there really be here or there?

can’t there just be what ‘is’

as opposed to what ‘is supposed to be?’

i’ll meet you,

if it’s accorded by your will,

not a function of obligation.

i’ll call you,

if it’s my voice you’ll be glad to hear.

i’ll converse with you,

if it’s our talks you miss.

these i’ll do

without restraint.

if you extend a hand,

i’ll surely shake.

i took your hand once.

now, i am ready to let go.

i’ll take the memories.

i’ll keep them in a bag.

i’ll leave without a trace,

except for that emptied space.

there is no other way.

i know i’ll never stay.

but why is it?

am i too late?

could it be you went ahead

and found another in my stead?