The Travel Bug and My Traveling Shoes

by perpetualflaneur


If I could be in different places all at once, then wouldn’t it be wonderful, and impossible, to say the least?

Last week, I decided to travel over the holidays until the beginning of 2013. Perhaps it was the travel bug that bit me ever since May of this year tempered by my luck (or lack thereof) in my job-hunting that implored me to set foot outside my comfort zone, once again. Though I will be traveling to my hometown 7,000+ miles away from my current home, the thought of flying and switching time zones (and of course seeing extended family and cherished friends!) excite me, not to mention the possibility of rekindling my relationship with the land, the people, and the culture from whom I am from.

One of the many realizations I have had in the past two years is to live in spontaneity. Not to be outwardly reckless but also not to be downright safe, I learned how to simply enjoy and live in the moment and to make those snap decisions. So, when offered the opportunity to travel, I hurriedly grabbed it as if it was the last scoop of pistachio ice cream.

The last time I travelled overseas was late last year, and upon returning earlier this year, I came in refreshed, motivated, and inspired more than ever. This year had been a rough ride, and I have had my fair share of triumphs and challenges, particularly when it came to my health and career. So, yes, to rid myself off of this dry spell, I am now resorting to a spatial and cultural escape. While I am not sure of what lies ahead, I know that it’ll definitely be one of those many trips to remember.

So, what then is the purpose of this short blurb about my upcoming travels? Well, here’s a small reminder for you, dear reader. If you feel the need to explore new places (and even revisit your childhood places!), meet new faces, or encounter different spaces, I advise you to please listen to this urge. Of course, it won’t be easy because of your schedule and your other responsibilities or commitments, and the expenses it’ll accrue, but please do find the time. Plus, it needn’t be expensive (though for some this may be debatable). I can attest to the importance of traveling, and I am sure people you know can too. Think of the magic and the wonder it does to you spiritually, culturally, and intellectually.

So, the next time the travel bug bites you, put on your travelling shoes because you’ll never know where it’ll take you.