Terra (In)cognita

by perpetualflaneur

there’s a sudden strangeness upon setting foot in my home

what was supposed to be familiar became strange–

something alien to my eyes,

to my skin

though there was a touch of sameness,

of recognition,

it all seemed as if everywhere around this house,

this home,

everything is new

could it be that i’ve grown accustomed to places, faces, and cultures

other than what i can find at home

that i have (de)familiarized myself with all that is,

converting it to something that all that was?

or perhaps,

was it due to various transformations that i willingly submitted myself into?

amidst all that is strange,

i still find the familiar in each

it is the same house the same floors,

the same windows,

the same doors,

the same smell

yes, there were changes,

but it was my transformation that made the familiar unfamiliar–

same eyes, same nose,

same face, same body,

occupied by a different being.