What a Cheesy Advertisement Unintentionally Reminded Me

by perpetualflaneur

Look at the world with an open mind, and live in it with an open heart.

I just had an ‘aha!’ moment minutes ago, and here I am intently writing it all down while it’s still fresh. As I was reading the latest issue of Time Magazine, I came across an advertisement. At first, I thought there was a grammatical error in it, and as one of those passionate grammar police, I was, in those five minutes, screaming ‘aha!’ silently in my head. I looked. I stared. I read. I reread.

And then, it came to me like a gust of wind. I missed out on a ‘period’, a tiny ‘dot’ that we all use to signify an end of a statement. That their use of you’re was right. Seeing that minute detail changed the way I interpreted everything; it turned out that it was only my ‘perception’ that led me to believe that there was an irrefutable error printed on that page, that yes, they made a mistake. In my mind, I was wishing for an error printed on that prestigious magazine’s page, but to my surprise, it was only the way I read it, my perception that influenced the way I did.

Really, this ‘aha!’ moment reminded me of a few things about life and living. First, when we are focused on finding inadequacies or errors in situations, places, and people (or even magazines in general), we always end up ignoring facts. Because our agenda is different from what is presented to us, it is easy for us, or at least for our minds, to focus not on what is there but on what we wish or want to exist. Second, relative to my first point, when we already possess a preconceived notion of something, then that perception taints the way we see and interpret everything. When a notion or thought or mode of interpretation is already set in place in our heads, we never question it; maybe because if we question it, we question ourselves–our thought processes and formation– which may be hard for most of us.

Who is to say that there is no meaning in the quotidian? I sure found something, and I trust that you will too.

So, have you had any ‘aha!’ moments lately?