A ‘Little’ Appreciation

by perpetualflaneur


“Borrow a book for as long you like. Leave a book if you have one to share. If you can’t return a book, please pass it along to another reader.” -LittleFreeLibrary  at St. George Street

It’s always a delight to find something new or discover something profound within your neighborhood. As I was enjoying an early evening walk weeks ago, of course to brush-off some August heat, a small box-like shelf greeted me from afar. The small structure, from where I was standing, was modeled after a house. But do not be fooled by its size, I’ve come to realize that it contains treasure beyond my imagination, like Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time–which I really enjoyed–and many, many more!

As for this wonderful idea of a community-centered book-lending program, I give credit not only to Little Free Library but to the person who decided to put this up around our area. Just two weeks ago, I had placed three of my books in there for the community to share, and I am sure I will keep on coming back! This is a great way to encourage reading and share knowledge within any community!

So, I guess, Little Free Library is taking over cities and towns with each little book shelf, of course with the cooperation of locals.

With that, may little libraries like this find you, or may you find a way to bring this to your neighborhood!