Good Reads: My Week with Virginia Woolf

by perpetualflaneur

Yes, this time around I am focusing on one author, and yes, you are right, it is no other than Virginia Woolf. Sadly, I’ve only started reading her work last week, but it is never too late to submerge myself, my ‘being’ in her writings. I have decided to read two types of her work alternately, starting with A Room of One’s Own (one that should be read by everyone, as some would call an early work of feminism, which I really enjoyed the most) followed by Mrs. Dalloway (a great introduction to Virginia Woolf and her works of fiction, the flow of consciousness by the characters and the entire narrative truly speaks to her audience today). Then, this coming week, I’ll be continuing with Moments of Being (her collection of autobiographical writings published later after her death), then I’ll end with To the Lighthouse (one of the hardest books to read according to Publisher’s Weekly, so yes, I am excited about that).