And This Week’s Reads Are…

by perpetualflaneur

Here are four recommendations I have that bring clarity and different perspectives on the human condition. I have read the first two and will now move on with the remaining ones. If you have read any of these, feel free to let me know what you think. If not, perhaps you can give each a try.


Oh, this one is a scrumptious read and well gives me the clarity that I want. Think of dessert for the soul and sweets for the mind! Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World is written by the Dalai Lama with the concept of secular ethics and practice in mind. I found this work enlightening and an easy read. All it requires is an open heart and mind, and surely you’ll find something valuable. Curious as to what he has to say? Well, c’mon now and grab a copy.


Ah, the controversial work both in premise and circumstances around its writing. The story from long ago is still relevant today. As I read each word, my heart breaks, my heart feels the pain. I think it is the magic of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writing as a novelist. All the emotions surrounding this human condition can be felt by the reader.


What now? Truly, this is one of the questions I asked myself after my graduation last year. This is a transcript of Anne Patchett’s Commencement Speech at Sarah Lawrence College a few years ago, and well, you guessed it, I am interested to know what she had said then. Everybody needs inspiration, and sometimes it can be found in a little book. So, surely, I’ll be reading this soon!


This was recommended to me by a friend from College a year and a half ago. She described it as a touching and compelling story of one woman’s struggles and a reflection of how society is when one does not meet its standards, thus, an inspirational memoir.