Dear You. Love, Yourself.

by perpetualflaneur

Dear You,

How have you been? I know I haven’t had the chance to talk to you in the past few weeks because you have been very busy. I understand and I am really sorry for not taking time to do so. Life just happens, and we get caught up with what we do. Nevertheless, here I am writing to you.

In the following days, you’ll be celebrating your “new year.” Yes, there will be [insert number here] candles, a variety of drinks, finger-licking foods, red balloons perhaps, greetings from everyone dear, and maybe, just maybe, little gifts. It’ll be a great week for sure!

I just want to say how thankful I am, how appreciative I am of you. I know I don’t usually say this, but I am really happy that you turned out to be a wonderful person (and I know you are working on it continuously). Of course, nobody is perfect, and I know you are not trying to be one. You simply embrace who you truly are and try to be the best version of yourself! That I am really proud of. You clearly have changed a lot since last year, and I know you’ve changed for the better. So, please, keep on doing what you do (oh, and that smile of yours surely lightens the mood of those around you, I know ’cause they said so!).

Well, I do wish you all the best and happiness this life and universe has to offer! I know some people think that you should do this or that, projecting their hopes, aspirations, and dreams on you (that’s great because they have confidence in you and your abilities!). But in the process, please, oh please, do not lose yourself. I also know that you get a little discouraged or sometimes a little frustrated with some other things. But amidst all of these (and the occasional descension of madness), you still hold on to your dreams, and I am proud of you for doing that.

Now, enough with the mushiness and on with the not-so-sentimental reminders!

Avoid bad hang-overs, please. Not that there is a good one anyways. I want you to have fun and to spend it with the people you love the most, so yes, go ahead, pop that bottle of wine open or perhaps douse yourself with vodka. It’s up to you, really. Also, I think a new hairstyle is due. By that, I mean it’s time to get those split ends permanently removed from the rest of your crowning glory! And don’t forget to get those books that you’ve been wanting to possess, literally and figuratively. I know you always give an excuse that it’s your birthday whenever you go broke buying them, so now is the perfect time when you can be guilt-free when you buy more. Oh, one last thing that I also want to say: go and get your driving license now! I know you’ve been practicing a lot, but just take that test already, please. Just do it!

So, what else can I say? Happy New Year..I mean Happy Birthday!

With much love  from your very best and first friend,