You Who Have

by perpetualflaneur

lived a new life for me,

given birth so i can fulfill my individuality,

reared me as your own,

taught me how the world works,

nurtured the intelligent person within me,

fed the child that was hungry,

cared for one who needed affection,

loved me unconditionally and wholeheartedly,

believed in my abilities when odds stood against me,

supported me when the challenge arises,

read the works i’ve written, big or small

smiled at the sight of my drawings on the wall,

disciplined me when i acted waywardly,

encouraged me to dream and strive,

accepted that extra load of work for me,

been undermined and unappreciated by your society,

spoken ill of at times by humanity,

remained as graceful and strong when things went rough,

no fear when the situations get tough,

given and continuously to do so,

ceaselessly forgiven me,

replenished my fading soul with kind and meaningful words.

you who have done all these things

and who is willing to do more

deserve no less than a queen

and rightfully must be venerated as so.

this day you are celebrated

and the world must know

you who have and will always be

a goddess so dear to me.

no, this is not mere idolatry

but an expression of how beautiful and inspiring you are to me.

so you who have,

so dear, so gentle, yet fierce,

i give a lifetime of love and thanks,

and on this day,

the world chooses to celebrate,

please know that you are appreciated.

wherever you are, how old you may be,

do know that this life won’t be possible without

the love you have given to people like me.