I Am

by perpetualflaneur

Perhaps this topic is long overdue and may be a shock for those who know me personally because it may have taken me awhile to actually write about being a womyn. Well, here it is. For all the womyn and womyn-lovers and all living creatures out there, this brief message is for you.

“Yes, I am a womyn, and I love being myself” are words that we should be uttering everyday. I think this is something that we (they) should all recognize and respect.

It is given in our society (perhaps your own) to follow and recognize certain characteristics that make one a woman. These characteristics range from various attributes based upon how society or a dominant culture within that society perceive and deem a woman to be. I won’t name these exact characteristics because we’ve all heard and read (and lived in them!) about them, and they all seem to identify a singular or one dimensional view of what being a woman is–a single prescription that aims to not only generalize but to limit our understanding of what being a womyn is. (No, I won’t go through theories of feminism, though it’ll be a pleasure to do so. I’ll save it for next time or better yet a conversation with you!)

I believe that being a womyn, like human sexuality, is a spectrum: there are those who wear make-up, then there are those who don’t or who are fine with a dash of lipgloss; there are those who love wearing dresses or skirts, then there are those who prefer jeans or shorts; there are those who choose to have their hair cut short, then those who prefer to grow it long or medium-length; there are those who appreciate vibrant colors, then there are those who don’t really care and just want some color over blandness or vice versa; there are those who are thin, then there are those voluptuous or full-bodied or curvy; there are those who want to be mothers without becoming wives, then there are those who want to be wives but not to be mothers or those who want neither and live a life of their own; there are those who love the other, then there are those who love another or both, to name a few. And believe me, the list and analysis can be endless if we think about it.

So, what am I really getting at? While I have not touched pressing issues about womyn (political, social, and economic), I present a more personal plea.

So, here is a message from me to you, dear reader, though you (or they) see me as a mother, daughter, sister, niece, or aunt, and I have the potential to be all of them, let me remind you that I am also an individual. As a member of womynkind, I believe that I cannot simply be constrained in my society’s dualism and generalized attributes of what their idea of a woman should be. I am my own person, and I shall do as I please so long as I am not doing harm to myself and others. I choose to live according to my wants, needs, and sometimes whims, which in many cases will break away from my society’s views.