Converting the Negative Into Positive, A Formula for a Happy Life?

by perpetualflaneur

It is a dark cloud that hovers across the sky on any chosen sunny day. It is that taste of pungent bitterness that makes you gag. It is a poison that enters your bloodstream and ravages your entire system. It is dreadful. It is contagious–a disease of the mind, body, and soul…a crisis of humanity with the lack of love for oneself and for others.

What is this dark and trivial matter that I am describing? One word: negativity (or negative thinking).

Yes, it is that word that causes one to be a lesser version of himself. Like your eyeglasses, or any eyewear at least, it’s the very perception or view that influences the way you see and consequently, understand anything and interact with anyone in your lifetime. Given that one only sees shades of criticism, faults, impotence, and all that can be and what is supposedly wrong or improbable, then surely, without much hesitation, one might be wearing those unfortunately unflattering eyeglasses. Uncool and unsophisticated and damaging when left to one’s own devices.

I have met (and will surely meet more!) people who seem to have that dark cloud around their heads or that poison in their veins, and as you may agree with me, it and they can take its toll on you and your happy and appreciative disposition. It is an everyday challenge that we must face everywhere we go (oh and they really are!) in our homes, neighborhoods, workplace, and other private and public spaces. But of course, it’s true potency depends entirely on us and our ability to resist, or much better, our ability to convert those negative ions of energy into positive ones.

As far as I think I know, with all honesty, it is only as potent as the person that it tries to manipulate. Negativity grows, preys, and feeds on people who choose to forget the beauty of life, the hope in every waking moment, the thought behind each act of kindness, the sincerity with each smile, the laughter after a supposedly embarrassing instance, the various life forms that exist underwater, and ultimately the goodness or compassion, perhaps love towards life, the living, and the universe, that we as humans have, and so forth.

So, here is my attempt to convert whatever negative ions you have around you, dear reader, into positive ones. Whenever you feel this dreadful cloud above you, or that bitterness in your tastebuds, be reminded that there is still more to life than what there already is. The main hindrance between you and whatever it is that you must see and achieve and experience, is negativity. No matter what the world throws at you, you will decide how it will affect and transform you.

And so, as the world turns in its own phase, wherever and whoever you are, I send you positive vibes from afar!