Between Sleeping and Waking

by perpetualflaneur

You know that feeling between sleeping and waking?

Well, it’s like the rain had just stopped, but the sun is still hidden behind the clouds. You can still see and feel the cold dampness left by the rain, but the thought of it being over and the sun coming after makes you altogether happier each time. It’s when you know your body is ultimately at rest, recovering from the sleep-induced paralysis and gaining some sort of movement, while the mind is transitioning form various levels of consciousness, increasing the sensitivity to your surroundings and simultaneously decreasing its attention to the inner workings of the subconscious or the dream-state. There is comfort in both and the sense of being in between makes you appreciate the ability of being there in the softness or stiffness of your bed.

For some maybe it’s just sleeping and waking, something that one must do because the body necessitates at least six of those resting hours when the body can recuperate and the brain can just rebuild itself once more. But there is something about the process, the act itself, that is wonderful.I think it’s just one of those beautiful moments that all of us experience each time we cross that space between the conscious and the subconscious, the seeming fluidity of our brains or minds that just reminds us that we are complex human beings.

And with that, I shall delve into the depths of my body and mind (hopefully, in Waking Life-ish or Inception-esque style).

Happy sleeping and waking!