April’s Fool Over the Moon

by perpetualflaneur

As a child, I have always been amazed with the moon and its phases. Like everyone else in their childhood days, I was more drawn to it than the sun. Maybe because it is easier to look at. Its presence reminds me of the vastness of the Universe and the processes and stories behind it. Up to now, upon gazing at the moon and seeing its various phases, I still have that same reaction of amazement and appreciation I had when I was still a child.

I am a moonchild, a mooniac, and I love mooning over, under, about, and with the moon! Since today is the first day of April and if my memory serves me right, the month of April had always been a month of beautiful moons, here is a little ode to that ball of light hovering above us!

My immortal Mother,

A pale-faced entity,

My watcher from the Universe,

Always luminous and omnipresent,

Whose gaze reflects that of everyone who set eyes on you,

Whose mere appearance touches and lightens any burden of the soul,

You, who have existed since time immemorial

Who have seen a million lives come and go,

Who have witnessed sadness and happiness collide,

Bear light to those of us who remain.

Your tender glow

Provides comfort in the vastness of skies and lands,

Amidst  the  restlessness on this earth.

I, your child,

Your loving follower,

Offer a lifetime of admiration.