Mortal’s Cup: A Brief Tribute to Coffee

by perpetualflaneur

During times of intense stress and upcoming deadlines (oh, the memories of my college days to be more exact), the coffee addict in me appreciates the caffeine most. I clearly remember those hectic days that I would spend in my favorite coffee place a few blocks from my apartment. Walking in at 9 am and after securing my usual spot by the window next to the cashier, I’d ask for one of their best caffeine-infused brew and so, the binge-drinking (and working) begins. It does not matter how the “good” was brewed nor the kind and amount of sugar I’ve put as long as the caffeine is present in my 16 oz cup, life is good. When so much work had to be done in so little time, I’d stay at home and convert a tiny portion of our kitchen into my private cafe for the very purpose of getting my fix right. Yes, I’ve been one of those people who use and abuse coffee for the caffeine. Must I also mention the headache I get when I don’t get my daily dose?

A few months back, while overseas, I came across Coffee – Philosophy for Everyone: Ground for Debate  that I thoroughly enjoyed and one that has changed the way I feel, taste, brew, and best of all think about and around coffee. Very often do I mix myself up a warm cup of coffee that each step involved in the process becomes routine. From the grinding to the stirring, everything seems to be automated by the caffeine addict in me. Most definitely, this collection of thought-provoking and sometimes humorous essays reinvigorated my love for coffee. If you are a coffee-addict-turned-coffee-lover like me, then there is no question that I will recommend this work to you.

So, as an attempt to show my long overdue appreciation and love, here is something that I wrote as my tribute to the object of my caffeine affection, the coffee of my eye, the caffeine beneath my wings…

mortal’s cup 

this dark matter

brewed to life’s perfection

this tangy water

prone to numerous reflections

my aromatic fountain

a mere mortal’s elixir

one bold captain

whose disappearance i fear

a morning fixer

a cup or two to pour

a daily mixer

for this languished body to soar